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Classical Chinese Obstetrics- Chan Ke Conception to Delivery

Columbia, MD   –   January 26- 27, 2019   –  9am-4:30pm

Continuing Education: 12 CEUs, pending (NCCAOM)

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Location: Four Gates Wellness Center, 5570 Sterrett Place, Suite #308, Columbia, MD 21044

Cost: Early Registration (by 1/8/19) $315.00      General Registration $335.00 (after 1/8/19)

Payment: Checks or PayPal.

Checks to: Diane Gioioso, PO Box 283, Brooklandville, MD 21022  or  PayPal Prompt in Registration Check Out Form.    Refunds: 50% refund available is requested in writing before January 8, 2019.     None thereafter.

This class will present an exploration of Chinese Obstetrics, the medical specialty known as Chan Ke, using the modalities of acupuncture, nutrition, and herbs. It begins with a discussion of idiopathic infertility, with approaches to clear to the womb and invoke conception. The three trimesters and ten months of pregnancy are outlined in detail as informed by Daoist and Confucian perspectives on embryology. Pulses and indications of the healthy development at each stage are covered along side Chinese medical indicators of pathology during pregnancy and labor.  The class covers interventions for both common and more complex presentations.
The weekend offers a deep discussion of common acupuncture points employed during pregnancy and a thorough explanation of prohibited points. The lecture offers a fresh approach to pregnancy treatments informed by Sinew, Luo, and Eight Extraordinary Channels. A practical selection of points used in Chinese midwifery to help create a safe and easy labor round out the weekend. Dietary Medicine, central to the Chinese medical view, is covered in detail, along with herbal interventions and empowerments.

A selection of the specific topics that will be addressed during the weekend include:

  • Facilitating conception and strong implantation
  • Maternal-child bonding in pregnancy through “Fetal Education”
  • Threatened miscarriage
  • Morning sickness, preeclampsia, swellings, gestational diabetes
  • Premature labor, breech presentations and other malpositions
  • Acupuncture and herbal applications for labor and delivery

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