Chinese Medicine for Health and Cultivation

Yang Sheng: the practice of Nurturing Life, a philosophy of Health & Longevity that recognizes life is a gift to be tended. 

Illness and challenges may arise, yet these can lead to a higher cultivation and an opportunity to be more fully alive and awakened.  This concept embodies the healing work of Diane Gioioso.

Diane Gioioso has been practicing Chinese Medicine for 20 years. She utilizes the traditional tools of Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and Dietary Therapy.  She is among a small group of Chinese medical practitioners who incorporate essential oils and stones in the framework of the medicine. Diane extends the concept of health into the realm of design of space and feng shui, offering consultation onsite and phone consultation.

Her office is located in the neighborhood of Mt. Washington in Baltimore, Maryland.  She maintains a full Chinese herb pharmacy onsite.