Essential Oils

[Picture of essential oils]

Diane is among a small group of Chinese medical practitioners who incorporate essential oils into the framework of the medicine.  Essential Oils into treatment using the same Chinese differential diagnosis and models she employs when choosing acupuncture points or herbs.  An Essential Oil blend may be applied to points during a treatment or with instruction between treatments.

Essential Oils are extractions of volatile oils from plants inaccessible through other preparation.  There are the blood and essence of the plant.  As the scent reaches us, it stimulates the brain in powerful ways to activate memory and emotion.  The oils resonate with those deep parts of us, making them well designed for lasting changing in the emotions and disposition.

Essential Oils are an exciting expansion of the tool box of Chinese medicine because they are particularly matched for certain populations, pediatric and geriatric because of the nature of the life phase and the way they encounter disease. Digestive, respiratory and dermatological conditions are well addressed with oils.

Diane will craft a personal essential oil perfume on request for those who are working to embody an energetic transformation.  The scent serves as the affirmation and aid in this alchemy.