Traditional Science and Medicine

Subtle energy flows through the landscape of our body guided by the curves of our muscles and tendons not unlike the way rivers coursing through the earth follow the terrain of the rocks and the trees.

These rivers of energy (called meridians) form a complex network that connects all aspects of our body, from our skin and bones to our organs and deepest constitutional essences, into an interrelated unity. By contacting the meridians through the insertion of very fine needles, acupuncture can treat imbalances on any level.

Imbalances in the meridian system can occur for innumerable reasons such as simple physical trauma, poor diet, stress, toxic environments, or emotional difficulties. Each meridian has a specific number of points along its trajectory. These points (literally “gates” in Chinese) provide access to the whole of the meridian and are where the acupuncture needles are inserted. Every point has name and a function (often multiple functions) and is chosen to effect the meridian in very specific ways as the practioner guides the person back to balance.